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Be prepared whenever inspiration strikes. Quartet’s magnetic glass dry-erase panel lets you brainstorm ideas, jot down reminders and organize your day from the comfort of your desk.

  • View your notes and ideas on this self-standing, double-sided desktop panel
  • Elevate your workspace with modern style by using Quartet glass
  • Easily erase writing from the non-absorbent Quartet glass surface
  • Steel-backed magnetic glass allows secure hanging of papers with high powered glass board magnets
  • Express ideas again and again on a clear board that will not stain or ghost
  • Made to withstand heavy use, Quartet glass resists scratches and dents
  • Assemble the board on your desktop quickly and without any tools
  • Magnetic glass dry-erase board comes with 1 dry-erase marker and 2 rare earth magnets

Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Panel 17" x 23" by Quartet

    • Surface Type - Glass

    • Accessory Tray - Yes

    • Color - Clear

    • Orientation -Horizontal

    • Size - 17" x 23"

    • Weight - 17 lbs

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